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An interview for the first time:

The first few moments of your interview can have a decisive impact on how smooth the rest of it goes. The real interviewer decide within 30 seconds whether second person is selected or not thats why it is called golden seconds. Why the interviewer asking basic information which they have already? How your answer is different than other? How you can grab the attention of the interviewer? The interview starts a long before you shake hands and sit down infront of your interviewer. Make sure you arrive early enough to allow yourself time to settle in. Put your cell phone on silent mode, make conversation with the receptionist and take in your surroundings to be familier. Here are some tips with which you can combat job interview succesfully.
1. Deep breathe:-
This is very true 99% people get nurvous during the interview and that ruins whole things . Just before entering the room , take a few deep breathe and relax your nerves trust me its always fruiful.
2. The Introduction:-
“Tell me about yourself” this is very common question in every interview. Generally set your introduction timing approximately 1 to 3 minutes. Always talk positive about yourself. While you are talking, your pitch of voice must be very audiable, your voice, your body language, your eyes, your face must indicate the full level. What you tell is important and how you tell is more important to crack the interview.
3. Know about the company:-
Before facing the interview, you must research about the company where you want to apply and know their mission, values, aim, and functions. This goes without saying any employer expects from you and using these information your answers will create the right impression infront of them.
4. Dress up:-
The first impression is the last impression and this is very true. Job interview is not alarming as it sounds. Put your best formal clothes and look neat from top to bottom when going for an interview.
5. Never lie in your resume:-
The person sitting in front of you has much enough experience of interviews and can easily know when you are faking it. Before you face the interview must go thoroughly your resume and have confident answer on it. So, keep it real and update your resume what you have actually achieved.
6. Technical Knowledge:-
Having technical knowledge on any field is the key weapon to hit the target during interviews. If you present yourself with these talent i am sure you are already seleted for the position without fail.
7. Be eager to learn:-
If you get stuck on some questions and don’t know the answer, politely let the interviewer know. Make sure don’t be over smart and give the wrong answer. But make it a point to ask what the answer was once they are done with all the questions. This shows your eagerness to learn, which is often considered useful from an employer point of view.
8. Salary expectation:-
Never share your salary requirement as a fresher always say salary is not first priority. Say this is a big platefarm to start the career and also want to improve knowledge and skills and gain experience. So, i expect a considerable salary according to my ability and your company’s norms which will fulfill my economical needs.
9. Thank you mail:-
Always be positive whether or not you are selected, send the employer thank you mail after the interview telling them how glad you are to get this marvelous opportunity and how you hope to get hired for the same.
So, all the best for your job interview preparation and hope you got some ideas.

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